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    How to make the laser cutting machine have longer service life?
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    The production process and service life of different products are different. In order to extend the service life of the products, we need to carry out regular maintenance. How can we make the laser cutting machine have a longer service life? For this doubt, please give us a brief introduction!
    1、 The laser cutting machine equipment personnel must be trained and qualified before operation to avoid problems in the use of the equipment.
    2、 When operating the laser cutting machine, it must be operated in strict accordance with the training. It is not allowed to miss the steps of Jingzhou, resulting in equipment problems.
    3、 Wear labor protection articles as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements near the laser beam.
    4、 Do not process a material before it is known whether it can be irradiated or heated by laser, so as to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.
    5、 The equipment shall be far away from electrical equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference, which may cause electromagnetic interference.
    6、 Do not open any end cover when the equipment is working.

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