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    Application of laser cutting machineconstruction machinery industry
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    Laser cutting machine is also widely used in the field of construction machinery industry, which also has many uses. Let's follow Quan Rui to see the application of laser cutting machine in the construction machinery industry~
    Looking back on the development of construction machinery in the past 10 years, it can be seen that the construction machinery industry is developing towards informatization, intelligence, integration and other directions. As one of the barometers of the national economic development, the sales volume data of construction machinery industry are increasing day by day, and the update volume is also increasing year by year.
    The support of laser cutting machine, another partner in the past 10 years, can not be ignored while the update volume is increasing year by year. Laser cutting machine has been widely used in construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting and blanking of concrete, crane, paver, loader, port machinery, excavator, fire-fighting machinery, sanitation machinery and other products.
    Laser enterprises vigorously promote laser cutting machine
    In recent years, many laser enterprises vigorously promote the application of plate laser cutting machine and pipe laser cutting machine in the industry, and provide a wide range of industry solutions. Take the bulldozer as an example: the organic cover, the floor wing plate, the bottom guard plate, the platform frame, the main frame, the cab, the bucket, the boom, the stick and so on all need the laser cutting machine to process. As for why we choose to use laser cutting machine, because laser cutting is non-contact processing in the processing process, there is no mechanical deformation, and the processing speed is fast, accuracy is high, widely used, and flexibility is strong.
    Advantages of laser cutting machine
    The main advantages of laser cutting machine processing: fast speed, smooth and flat cut, generally without subsequent processing; small cutting heat affected area, small plate deformation, narrow cutting seam; no mechanical stress on the cut, no cutting burr; high processing accuracy, good repeatability, no damage to the material surface; CNC programming, can process any plane, can cut the whole plate with large size, without opening the mold, Economy and time saving.
    With the continuous deepening of research and the integration of elements such as "Internet +" and "big data", laser cutting machines will continue to develop towards high precision and high intelligence, and solve many problems in the process of construction machinery, and it will also be used more widely in the construction machinery industry.
    The above is the application of laser cutting machine introduced for you today. I hope you like it. Any product has vitality. We are not only making products, but also making feelings.... welcome users who need to click into our homepage to visit and learn more about our products!

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