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    Can rusty iron plate be cut directly by laser cutting machine?
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    In the hot and humid South, rust of metal materials such as iron plate and carbon steel is a very normal phenomenon. Can you cut the rusty steel plate directly with a laser cutter? The answer, of course, is: No.
    We all know that laser cutting machine is a kind of clay product, but the laser of laser cutting machine can't do anything to rusty surface. Because the laser itself can not be a light source, only through the absorption of the surface of the thin plate workpiece can heat be generated. For rust free materials and rusty materials, laser absorption is very different, and the cutting effect is also different.
    For example, the cutting condition of the uniform corrosion plate is better than that of the uneven corrosion plate. Because the absorption laser of uniform corrosion plate is also uniform, it can be cut well. For the material with uneven surface corrosion, the surface condition of the material should be uniform before cutting. Of course, if conditions permit, it is recommended to use a grinder to remove rust first.
    For thick rusted plates, if the rusted plates are directly cut by laser cutting machine, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of anti-seepage cutting, poor cutting quality, and even slag splashing, which may lead to the damage of protective lenses, even focus lenses, resulting in the bursting of ceramic body. Therefore, if cutting the material with thick rust, the rust must be removed before cutting.

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