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    What are the advantages of laser marking machinethe field of auto parts
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    A car is made up of numerous kinds of auto parts. To distinguish, identify and manage complex and diverse parts, it is necessary to identify information on its surface.
    Automobile and auto parts manufacturers pay more and more attention to details and perfection. Laser marking machine takes a place in auto parts field with the advantages that traditional processing methods can't exceed.
    In the field of auto parts processing, laser marking machine is mainly used for marking information such as two-dimensional code, barcode, clear code, production date, serial number, logo, pattern, certification mark, warning mark, etc. Including auto wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine block, piston, crankshaft, sound transparent button, label (nameplate) and other accessories of high quality marking.
    The processing principle of laser marking machine is to use high-energy laser beam to irradiate on the surface of auto parts. The light energy changes into heat energy instantaneously, and makes the surface of parts evaporate rapidly, so as to carve out any required words and figures as permanent anti-counterfeiting identification marks.
    Advantages of laser marking machine:
    High precision: laser processing precision can reach within mm, which can achieve ultra-fine image and text mark.
    Wide range of materials: laser marking machine is suitable for most automotive parts materials, including metal or non-metal.
    Good efficiency: laser processing speed, with automatic assembly line and manipulator can greatly improve production efficiency.
    Good effect: the laser can complete the image and text marks of different depths of accessories, and achieve the effects of laser white, laser black, laser color and so on.

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